What Size Is Considered a BBC?

Many men worry about the size of their penis. However, there are also those, whose size is above average. But what size is considered the BBC and how much it should be larger than the average? We will analyze this in more detail further in the article.

What Size Is Considered a BBC?
In general, a BBC is typically considered to be a penis that is at least 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth.

Why Do Men Care So Much About Size?

Most women believe that men are overly concerned about the size of the penis. Let’s consider the main reasons for the close attention of the opposite sex to this issue:

  • for some, the size of the organ is associated with self-esteem, ambition, and a kind of “status” that originate from a primitive society, and accompanies men throughout the history of mankind;
  • for others, it is an indicator, that affects the quality of sexual life;
  • still, others believe that penis size is significant for women, and is a priority characteristic when choosing a partner. Having “sufficient” dimensions, it is easier to feel more confident and sexually attracted to girls.

How to Measure Correctly?

The length of the penis is measured along the upper surface, firmly resting the ruler against the pubic bone, and not just touching the skin, since a layer of subcutaneous fat can distort the data. The circumference is measured in the widest part (the head does not participate in the measurement).

Man looking into his underpants

What Size Is Considered a BBC?

When it comes to BBC, size definitely matters! But what size is considered a BBC?

The answer may surprise you.

A BBC, or big black cock, is typically considered to be any penis that is larger than 8 inches in length and at least 6 inches in girth. However, some people consider the BBC to be even larger than that.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a BBC, make sure to enjoy it! And if you’re looking to hook up with someone, who has a BBC, you know what to look for.

What Determines the Size of the Penis

The shape and size of the penis depend on genetics and a number of other factors.


The penis grows in length up to 17-18 years. With age, there may be a slight decrease in the organ, due to a decrease in the hormonal background.

Hormonal background

The puberty period begins at about 12 and ends at 17-18 years old. At this age, the production of hormones increases, which are responsible for the development of cavernous bodies. With hormonal imbalance, it is possible to slow down the growth of the penis.

Power Features

The lack of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates during puberty negatively affects the parameters of the phallus.

How to Increase

For men whose size does not correspond to the BBC, but they want to try to increase it. There are ways to do this:

  • exercises and massages aimed at stretching the phallus;
  • extenders, that lengthen and thicken the organ;
  • surgical operations;
  • nozzles;
  • vacuum pumps;
  • injections;
  • creams, sprays, and gels;
  • Herbs, vitamin preparations.

You should consult your doctor, before using any of the methods.

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The male penis (penis) refers to the genitourinary system. It is an external copulatory organ, that performs the functions of urination, intimate contact (coitus), and ejaculation (ejaculation). The structure of the penis is the same for all men, but the appearance and size are individual.

Most men like to brag about their dignity and brag best of all about the biggest BBC size. In general, a BBC is typically considered to be a penis, that is at least 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth.

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