How to Hide Dick Print?

Have you very often found that your penis print attracts unwanted attention? You don’t put it on display or show it off on purpose, but it still gathers unwanted attention. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can hide your dick print.

How to Hide Dick Print?
To hide dick print include wearing boxer briefs or trunks instead of tighty whities, opting for dark-colored underwear, and avoiding tight-fitting clothing.

There are a few ways to avoid an unsightly penis print. The most obvious way is simply not to wear tight clothing. If you must wear tight clothing, consider wearing boxer briefs instead of briefs or going commando.

Another way to avoid a penis print is to wear a jockstrap. This will lift your penis and testicles away from your body, preventing them from making contact with your clothing.

If you’re really worried about it, you can always try tucking your penis back between your legs. This may take some practice, but it will effectively hide your penis print.

It is also worth considering the fabric of your pants. The thinner the fabric, the more clearly the penis will be visible.

Does Posture Matter?

Posture matters, although it may not be obvious immediately. The way, you sit or stand, has a huge impact on how much bulge you show.

For example, when you lean back, your hips are thrust forward. Bad posture with time may result in your pelvis tilting back. This raises your genitals forward and up.

Strive to stand straight, while keeping your hips square and your shoulder back.

At the same time, your pelvis is tilted to raise your crotch if you slouch, when you sit. This means you are likely to experience a bigger bulge when you recline.

Sitting upright is the best way to avoid this from happening. It also ensures your genitals are hand more naturally.

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There are a few ways to hide dick print, depending on what kind of clothing you’re wearing. If you’re wearing tight pants or shorts, you can try wearing a jockstrap or boxer briefs underneath to help keep things in place.

If you’re wearing a looser-fitting pair of pants, you can try tucking your penis down and to the side so that it’s not as obvious. You can also try wearing a larger size of clothing to help hide the outline. If all else fails, you can always just go commando!

I’m sure if you follow all the tips in the article, you will be able to hide your dick print. I hope this article has helped you to get rid of your dick print. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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